Surrealist Subversion #3

Publication date: January 1976

Paperback: $20.0
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Contributors include: Benjamin Paul Blood, Mario Cesariny, Malcolm de Chazal, Jayne Cortez, Guy Ducornet, Rikki Ducornet, Paul Garon, E. F. Granell, Robert Green, Abdul Kader El Janabi, Joseph Jarman, Ted Joans, Jocelyn Koslofsky, Philip Lamantia, Clarence John Laughlin, Conroy Maddox, Clément Magloire-Saint-Aude, Joyce Mansour, Inacio Matsinhe, Nancy Joyce Peters, Franklin Rosemont, Penelope Rosemont, Saint-Pol-Roux, Ivan Svitak, Debra Taub, Cecil Taylor, T-Bone Slim & Marianne van Hirtum. Special features include photos of the work of outsider artist Stanley Papio, and manifestoes of the Arab Surrealist Movement in Exile (1975), the Portuguese Surrealists (1950), and the Surrealist Group in France (1967). Supply limited; remaining copies offprinted on front & inside covers.