Where The Wolf Sings

New Poems & Collages

by Mary Low
Publication date: January 1994

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"The poet, wrote Benjamin Peret, has not choice but to be a revolutionist or to cease to be a poet—an observation that helps explain why most contemporary poets long ago ceased to be poets. It is painfully obvious that what passes for poetry in the US today is a polite and innocuous diversion of comfortably entrenched academics who are fundamentally satisfied with things as they are...Meanwhile, far from the official, best-selling, commercial literary enclaves, and just as far from their pathetic parasitical imitators, the state-subsidized 'little' magazines, poetry continues: poetry in the sense of Blake and Shelley and Lautreamont and Peret and Juan Brea—and our great friend Mary Low." —Franklin Rosemont, from the afterword