Punching Out

Selected Writings of Martin Glaberman

by Martin Glaberman
edited by Staughton Lynd
Publication date: January 2002

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<p>An invaluable collection of the writings of one of the most important writers on labor matters in the United States during the second half of the Twentieth century. </p> <p>Edited, and with an introduction by Staughton Lynd.</p> <p>"Glaberman developed distinctive concepts concerning the nature of trade unionism; the unfolding of working-class consciousness; and the forms of revolutionary organization appropriate to modern industrial society ... [he] was working on a master's degree in Economics at Columbia University when he dropped out to become a radical doing full-time industrial work. There followed twenty years laboring for wages in plants in and around Detroit as an assembly line worker and machinist. On the eve of World War II, Glaberman associated himself with the West Indian Marxist intellectual, C.L.R. James [and] became a member of the Johnson-Forest Tendency within American Trotskyism. This small but enormously productive and influential group made the first trans-lation into English of what came to be called the 'early economic-philosophical manuscripts' of Karl Marx."-From the Introduction by Staughton Lynd</p> <p>"Autoworker, historian, humorist, sociologist, poet, and baseball coach, Marty Glaberman had as close a knowledge of working people as any intellectual of his generation. He also had, as these wonderful collected writings show, the most firm confidence in their revolutionary potential." -David Roediger</p>